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Creating Global Business Platforms

One of the leading organisers of exhibitions, conferences and managed events since 2005

Expert International Exhibitions is an international exhibitions and events company that has evolved into one of the leading organisers both business and consumer platforms in the Middle East & North Africa.

Expert International Exhibitions has pride itself in organising exhibitions for the last 15 years. From small scale exhibitions of 1,000sqm to large scale exhibitions of 30,000sqm, our commitment to deliver a world-class platform has enabled us to grow our portfolio and expand to 15 countries. Expert International organises exhibitions in the construction, design, healthcare, laboratory and consumer sectors.



LIFT EXPO ALGERIA , Elevator and Escalator Technologies Exhibition, the meeting center of Elevator sector in Africa..


The International Hardware & Hand Tools Exhibition – HARDWARE & HAND TOOLS EXPO


LIFT EXPO MOROCCO, Elevator and Escalator Technologies Fair, is the meeting point of the elevator industry in the AFRICA..

Doha Jewellery 

With close to two decades of being the epitome of luxury and elegance in Qatar, the Doha Jewellery & Watches..


International Fairs Group IFG
A growing organization offering a full range of exhibitions and event management..


Building upon the comprehensive experience in organizing Elevators & Escalators exhibition in the region, CAIRO LIFTECH..

Providing growing markets platforms to trade and grow

We carefully identify growing markets, understand the latest trends, developments and new innovations for our customers and put in our efforts to create experiences both meaningful and effective.

EXPERT International Exhibitions continues to innovate, grow and support various industries by bringing together buyers and sellers in a unique business platform to learn, connect and conduct business.




EXPERT INTERNATIONAL TANT. ORGAN. AND FROM. SERVICE. LTD. STI. and its partner company EKSPRES LOJİSTİK, which it cooperates with, has the equipment, skills and experience to provide complete service in international transportation, customs clearance, delivery to the event venue of all fairs, congresses, conferences, seminars, promotions, etc. that will take place in the country and abroad. Example Workflow;

  • Delivery of the goods to be transported to our warehouse or receipt from your address
  • Transport of goods by preferred mode of transport
  • Customs procedures in the relevant country
  • Delivery of products to the stand
  • Handling of empty crates
  • Consulting during the organization
  • Bringing empty crates to your stand
  • Loading your crates from your stand
  • Shipping back to Turkey by carrying out customs procedures abroad.

Providing airport or door-to-door air transportation services from anywhere in the world,
Express International Transport provides location and price advantages in transportation thanks to the work done with distinguished airline companies.

With its experienced staff and strong agency network, DENİZ
EKSPERT&EKSPRES  offers full container transportation from all major ports of the world to its customers with a strong service. 
With its reliable agency network, all kinds of FAIR & EXPORT & IMPORT partial cargo shipments are carried out that will not fill the entire container.
Loads that are preferred for  port loading are loaded completely and without damage under the supervision of EKSPERT & EKSPRES  port officials.
In line with the agreements made with the world’s leading agencies, we carry out smooth, fast and safe road transportation in fair transportation, import and export.
EXPERT&EXPRESSIt has the capacity and experience to respond to the industrial performance required for projects and all logistics services.

It considers it its duty to be a pioneer in providing services in all kinds of projects by creating new opportunities with the experience of following the developments in the sector, without making unrealistic promises to our customers in comprehensive and difficult projects in international transportation.If you inform us about the details of the goods related to the EXHIBITION Transportation you are interested  in, the EXPERT operation team  will do a detailed study  to offer you the most advantageous and affordable price offer



Our company hotels all over the world; Even when you are on the other end of the phone, it has an information processing infrastructure that can give you information and confirm your reservations at the same time. 
It includes the selection of the hotels suitable for their appointments within the scope of their abroad programs of our customers who will go on business trips, and the presentation of their alternatives together with visual materials, and
the making of necessary hotel reservations in line with their preferences, the procurement of plane tickets and the completion of visa procedures.

Meeting Organizations

“Meeting Organizations” activities, which are one of the most important building blocks of today’s business world, are provided to your company  by the EXPERT  expert team as consultancy and implementation. EXPERT evaluates the number of participants and profile data in your organizations such as company meetings, gala dinners, special invitations, and offers various suggestions and implements the most suitable one for you.

  • Contacts the authorized committee
  • Determines the qualifications of the organization
  • Offers alternatives in region and facility selection
  • Provides the preparation and arrangement of the spaces within the facility
  • Prepares technical equipment
  • In accommodation organizations
  • Hotel reservations and check-in
  • Provides guest transportation transfers
  • Prepares various social programs such as sightseeing tours and food organizations

If you inform us about the details of the fair organization you are interested in, the EXPERT  team will do a detailed study to offer you the most advantageous and suitable program  .
Do not go abroad without consulting us .



In order to bring the corporate identity to the fore, Expert carries out special construction & stand construction & decoration works in line with the special stand demands that will reflect the institutionalism of the company.


  • Special stand decorations for rent and sale
  • Standard booth services
  • Table, armchair, showcase, door, carpet, tv, stand furniture etc.

If you participate in many fairs and display products, you can benefit from expert fair stand projects if you are looking for economic solutions by reflecting your company image in a unique way and participating in each fair with your image.

  • Single storey stands
  • double-deck stands
  • Special design stands
  • Modular stands
  • Accessories and equipment

In addition to the stand size, it is also important that the entire stand is harmonious and integrated with the corporate identity. The dimensions and structure of the stand are also a factor in this regard. We can collect the types of stands under four headings:

Row Stand:
  Stands with neighbors on both sides and open only on the front
Corner Stand: Stands  with neighbors on both sides, but with two open fronts because they are located in the corner.
Head Stand: Stands  located at the end of a block and open on three sides.
Ada Stand: Stands  consisting of a completely independent block, with open four sides.

The type of products to be exhibited in the selection of the stand plays a role in the expenditure that can be made on the stand as much as the purpose of the fair. As the number of open facades increases, the cost of the stand will also increase.



We are proud of providing safe and hassle-free visa services to our valuable participants with our experienced and experienced staff in our visa service department.
You will no longer have to wait for hours in front of the consulate for your visa procedures, and you will devote your valuable time to other works, and you will be informed about the visa application process and after with the consultancy and visa service you have received.

Application and follow-up:

You must first send us the documents required for your visa application.

Your documents will be evaluated by our experienced staff in accordance with your application type. If there is a missing or incorrect document, you will inform about it.

If there is no problem, your visa application will be made on your behalf. As a result of the application, the follow-up will be continued and the result will be tried to be obtained as soon as possible.

And after you complete your procedures at the consulate, we will send your passport back to you.

Before applying for a visa to the Consulate, we check your documents and documents, and if there is a missing or incorrect situation, we will inform and guide you.

We will make an appointment for you from the relevant consulates at the most convenient date and time for you and the consulate. We will also inform you about any questions or problems you may encounter at the consulate.

IMPORTANT:  Those who will apply for a Schengen (Schengen) visa for the first time must apply to the consulate in person.

As Expert Fair Organization, we only provide visa services to our companies that participate in the fairs we have organized.

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